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About OBT

OBT Music is truly film music.

OBT Music is composers Tom Phillips and Tom Martin. Working on their own and in collaboration, they have scored hundreds of documentaries, independent feature films, television programs, multimedia installations, corporate films, and games.

Their production music library includes works written for major network films broadcast worldwide, scores that have won Emmys, Peabodys, and film festivals, and music that has been featured in corporate films and ads. By composing exclusively to actual films, they produce music that evokes visual and emotional imagery.

Thanks to their decades of experience, they know that the right music is important to the success of any film, but that film budgets often don’t allow enough for original music. In an effort to help producers improve their productions with high-quality music, they offer music cues from their library of work at affordable rates.

Anyone can browse the OBT Music library. MP3s can be downloaded and used as temp music to try in work-in-progress productions.

To get high-quality WAV files suitable for use in productions, you must become a member of OBT and license the cues.

Thank you for your interest in OBT Music. We look forward to seeing how our music improves your film.