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This glossary defines the terms and styles we use in the music library to help you better match our music cues to the needs of your production.

AMBIENT/NEW AGE: music that is largely synthetic

Atmospheric: suggestive of an environment, generally without melody

Beat Driven: incorporates a rhythmic base as its core

Reflective: emotion driven, with reflection, generally pensive

Scientific: wide template of odd sounds and combinations of rhythms

Underscore: extremely simple and nondescript, generally little or no melody

World: blend of synthetic and world sounds and influences

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AMERICANA: music that suggests American themes, locations, or musical styles

Folk: wide range of American roots music, varying greatly in texture and emotion

General: music that has an American feel but is of a generic nature

Gospel: incorporates African-American ethnic roots, wide range of emotions

Majestic: suggestive of American landscapes, pride, or patriotism

Period: music from specific historical eras in America’s past

Southern: wide range of pieces that are suggestive of the American Southland

Zydeco: a New Orleans style combining French and Caribbean influences

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Blues: a wide range of American blues styles, contemporary and historical

CHILDREN: suggestive of youth, innocence, children, or babies

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CIVILIZATIONS: music depicting the ancient world, or the history of world civilizations

Classical World: music of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia

Extreme: radically edgy, emotionally charged music of a worldly ancient nature

World: ancient music from other civilizations not encompassed by the Classical World

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CLASSICAL: music composed and orchestrated from all Classical music eras

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COMIC: music in a humorous tone, ranging from mildly funny to ridiculous

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CORPORATE: positive, forward moving, generally contemporary sounding but not edgy

Ambient: generally synthetic, nondescript, positive and sometimes profound

Extreme: edgy and aggressive, unpredictable, can be positive or neutral

Underscore: neutral nondescript bed, little or no melody, sometimes rhythm based

Upbeat: positive and upbeat, generally a resolved ending

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COUNTRY: contemporary and historical music of the American South and heartlands

General: generic country

Rock: country music with a rock edge

Rockabilly: country music with a 1950s rhythm and texture

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DARK ATMOSPHERES: extremely dark, ominous textures, little or no melody or rhythm, creating an edgy, eerie and mysterious environment

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ETHNIC: world music defining ethnicity from specific locales

African: music of Africa or African in texture or melody

Chinese: music of China or Chinese in texture or melody

Greek: music of Greece or Greek in texture or melody

Irish: music of Ireland or Irish in texture or melody

Jewish: music orchestrated or melodically themed to suggest Jewish tradition

Latino: Latin, Brazilian, Cuban and other styles based similarly on rhythm and melody

Mexican: music of Mexico or Mexican in texture or melody

Russian: music of Russia or Russian in texture or melody

Scotch: Music of Scotland featuring traditional Scotch instrumentation

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FILM NOIR: a dark, mysterious, grim, seedy mood that is both melancholy and tragic

Contemporary: music of the genre using contemporary sounds and concepts

Jazz: music that has roots in jazz but expresses the mood defining the genre

Traditional: music of the genre using sounds and concepts of the 1940s and 1950s

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FILM SCORE: a diverse palette of musical styles appropriate for film

Contemporary: contemporary sounding music using edgier concepts

Dramatic: music with a core of drama in rhythm or emotion

Majestic: music that captures the emotion of majesty, accomplishment or pride

Novelty: odd pieces unique in character that defy definition in traditional categories

Period: music from specific historical eras

Timeless: music that creates mood and emotion that can work in any era in time

Underscore: music with less melody and internal transitions, generally understated

Upbeat: music that is positive and uplifting

War: music that reflects the drama and emotion of war, historical or contemporary

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GAME: music that is edgy and dynamic, can have extreme transitions or events

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JAZZ: music of the jazz genre or incorporating melodies or orchestrations of the genre

Easy Listening: “soft core” jazz, using contemporary sensibilities

Fusion: music that melds jazz, funk, and rock, generally edgy

Mainstream: generic jazz, not traditional but not necessarily contemporary either

Traditional: jazz in the 1920s to 1960s style

Urban: contemporary sound with Ramp;B or urban influence

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MIDDLE EASTERN: music of the Middle East or Middle Eastern in texture or melody

Cinematic: traditionally stylized music that creates emotion and mood

Contemporary: wide range of textures and beats that are modern Middle Eastern

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PASTORAL: music that is serene and idyllic, pleasant and tranquil, usually rural sounding

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POP: contemporary style of “soft core” rock, MOR, or popular radio music

Hip Hop: urban dance style with specific beats and sounds

Reggae: music with Jamaican rhythms, beats, or instrumentation

R&B: music with a retro 1960's Motown beat as its core

Underscore: pop music with less melody and transitions, generally understated

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RELIGIOUS: music with a biblical or Christian tonality in mood, emotion, or texture

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RETRO: rock music that captures the flavor of the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s

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ROCK: music that uses a combination of guitars, drums, bass or keyboards as its core

Alternative: contemporary style with edgy or experimental sounds and beats

Cinematic: rock music that suggests mood, emotion or a visualization of image

Mainstream: rock music that uses traditional sounds, beats and structure

Pop: rock music with a “soft core” contemporary radio sound

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SCIENCE FICTION: can be odd, experimental, effects driven, or outer space

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STING: short statements or transitions in various music styles, both neutral and pointed

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SPORTS: active, energetic music, both contemporary and historical that suggest sports

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TECHNO: electronic dance music, usually synthetic based with uptempo electronic rhythms

Electronica: heavily electronic-based music, either in beats or textures

Euro: cutting edge, beat driven electronic music, angular and often trance-like

Pop: flavors of techno but more commercial

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TIME PASSES: an understated undercurrent of motion and energy suggesting time passing

Contemporary: uses contemporary sounds and techniques

Dramatic: provides a passing of time but in a dramatic fashion

General: generic nondescript and neutral undercurrent

Poignant: provides emotion throughout or an emotional payoff at the end

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URBAN: R&B, funk, or contemporary African-American inner-city beats and sounds

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WORLD: music that has elements and influences from different countries and cultures

Contemporary: combination of global and synthetic sounds, beats, and melodies

Dramatic: world music that has a dramatic emotion

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