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We invite you to listen to and download our MP3 files to try in your film project. You can edit and synchronize them in your work-in-progress as long as you do not use them in your finished project (Full details explained in Terms of Use).

If you decide to use our music in your finished project, join OBT Music and become a registered user (Registered User Agreement). A one time $35 fee entitles you to unlimited access to all of the high quality .WAV files. You only license the music that you intend to use in your film, at a very affordable rate.

Our rates are affordable because we understand the reality of film budgets. Please call us at 508-366-9585 if you have any questions or want us to customize the cues for your needs.

You don't need to select something in each column to see matches. As long as you have selected one item, you can click the button to view cues that match that criteria.

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