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Tom Phillips Just Completed Scoring a 3 hour American Experience on the Abolitionists

Tom Phillips of OBT Music just wrapped composing, recording, and mixing the score for The Abolitionists, working with film producer Rob Rapley and Apograph Productions of Brooklyn, NY. The 3 hour American Experience will premiere on PBS on January 8, 15, and 22 in one hour installments. The score is all original score orchestrated with as much live instrumentation as possible. The films were rough scored with music from the OBT Film Music Library, and some of those cues ended up as the basis of music for the films, rerecorded to tightly fit the needs of the film. The films feature 5 leading abolitionists from the period in America of 1825 to 1865 who were responsible for the dissolution of slavery resulting from the Civil War, which in part was caused by the actions of those leading the abolitionist movement. The quality of the production is top shelf.