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Tom Phillips of OBT Music is currently scoring "Jesse Owens" for American Experience...

Tom Phillips of OBT Music has begun to compose the score for "Jesse Owens", an American Experience (PBS) documentary film being currently produced by Laurens Grant and Stanley Nelson of Firelight Media. The film covers the life of Jesse Owens, once dubbed the "world's fastest man", whose 4 Olympic gold medals in the 1936 Berlin games were an outstanding achievement especially given the political and racial environment of the times. Unfortunately, he was unable to capitalize on his fame due to the racial climate of the day in the US and struggled for years.
Stanley Nelson and Tom Phillips have teamed up for some impressive award winning films for American Experience, including Emmy and Sundance Film Festival winner "The Murder of Emmett Till", "Jonestown: The Life and Death of People's Temple", and "Freedom Riders".