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Tom Phillips of OBT Music has completed the score for PBS' The Great War 6 hour series

Tom Phillips of OBT Music has finished composing, recording, and mixing the score for the PBS and American Experience 6 hour film series on WW1, entitled "The Great War". Phillips split the composing task with Peter Rundquist, a long time PBS composer who has scored multiple American Experiences and other films for PBS, the massive undertaking was produced by Insignia Productions in New York City, with producers Steven Ives, Amanda Pollak, and Rob Rapley. The three 2 hour films will premiere on PBS in April 2017. The films cover the American side of the war, something that had not been addressed previously to the extent that The Great War series does. Most docs concerning WW! focus on the European combatants and with the US only after America entered the war. This film series informs as to what was going on in the United States, why we entered the war, and what the long term consequences were (and are).