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OBT Music's hybrid jazz score for Detroit 48202: Conversations Along a Postal Route will premiere on 1/29/19 on PBS World's America Reframed series at 8pm

OBT Music's hybrid score contributed to a PBS World film airing Tuesday January 29th at 8pm entitled "Detroit 48202: Conversations Along a Postal Route". Producer Pam Sporn from Grito Productions in NYC contacted OBT Music to help score her film that she was having trouble with as the film was partially scored by another music source but was stalled musically. She chose some pieces from the OBT Music library by both composers Tom Martin and Tom Phillips, who then scored the remainder of the film in a jazz genre. Financially, it worked out very well for her, and the combination of pre composed and originally composed music seamlessly integrated into the film to tell an interesting story about a postal carrier who spent 30 years on the same route in Detroit and saw urban changes from his own intimate perspective. It's a study of how cities live, die, and then show hope but can never be the same as what once was.