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Tom Phillips Finishes the Score for American Experience's "The Man Who Tried to Feed the World"

OBT Music's Tom Phillips finished the score for American Experience's The Man Who Tried to Feed the World, set to air on PBS in the 2020 season. The film covers the amazing story of Norman Borlaug, an agronomist who spent decades of labor, experimentation, and research to perfect hybrid grain that could withstand drought, disease, stem rust, and wind and would be able to yield fantastic harvest yields. With no draft animals and no money, he plowed fields with a plow strapped to his back from dawn to dusk, cross thousands of pollinated plants and kept records of each one, and finally found a way to stem the famines in Mexico, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere to feed millions of people. And he is considered the father of the Green Revolution, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. An excellent and captivating story and film. Rob Rapley of Apograph Productions produced it, Mark Dugas edited it, and Ken Hahn did the audio post.